Who has the best deal on a new wr 450?

So far the lowest price I have gotten is 6200 out the door. Does anyone know of a place that will beat that? thanks :D

Chris :)

Just picked mine up last Monday from E-Lee Yamaha in Ely, NV, not to far from you. $6048 out the door. Great guy there too.

Out the door includes taxes also... some guys say they got a low out the door price because they are using some loophole to get around paying sales tax.

I think I got a decent deal for SoCal... $6650 out the door (that includes the GYT-R 96db muffler insert). You can probably do better in another state, but then you don't get to enjoy all of that California regulation!


Damn, I paid 7300.00 out the door and the only accessory I got was a new XR50. :)

Yep I didn't have to pay sales tax because I am from out of state. I live in Colorado bought in NV. Most states have that deal. Depends on how your gonna license it if you ever have to pay sales tax, I'm not gonna volunteer to pay it, thats for sure. That saved me $445 dollars so if you add that it I'm still under $6500. The guy looking to buy is from Utah so this deal may work good for him. Don't know how his state does things though

If you don't mind buying over the net and having it in the factory crate, you can get it for $5999 and $199 shipping (from a dealer in Reno). I talked with him and he seems pretty good. Found him listing new 250's on Ebay. I went with the 426 instead so didn't buy one. http://www.saveoncycles.com. I don't think they have any stock now though. Also a Canadian dealer who ships from Seattle for the same price is http://www.motorcycle-brokers.com. I've talked with him also. He had some in stock. If you live in WA, you can save shipping and he'll meet you in state.

I Know that THis is only for the Midwest but Max Pitts in Peru IN. Will Sell For $5800 plus tax. He has 10 coming in.

$5800 is a great deal. Too bad most dealers don't go that low.

I bought mine in red deer alberta, canada for $7,800 or thats $5265 US dollars. :)

OuCh, you got me beat by $77 CAD. If I would have converted all my money when I did my down payment I would have come in under $5000 USD. Oh well, it was a gamble. I just blame it on the war. :)

I paid $5599 out the door from Brewer Yamaha in Henderson, NC. I just moved back East from Illinois. I contacted Highlands Yamaha in Countryside, IL. They will sell you one for $5499 out the door. No taxes for out of state.

I've bought from both dealers, they are both first rate!

Does anyone know the number for the place in nevada? Anyone else got anything that is closer than 1400 miles from salt lake? This site rocks! :)

Chris :D

Karl Lee

Sales Manager

E-Lee Ford Yamaha

295 Aultman St., Ely, NV 89301



Come see me at the dealership. I'll see what I can do for you. Give me a call tomorrow...............db


if you plan on competing with it, Be sure you buy a US model. :D Canadian models don't qualify for the Yamaha contingency program. BTW, I paid 5850.00 out the door in MD.(no tax cause I'm out of state) :)


5850? :naughty:In Maryland!!Which dealer? We are talking about a WR450, Right?

Opps :) 5990.00 is the number at pete's cycle in Severna.

5850.00 was the first price i got at motion enterprises in NJ before the bike came in. Then they raised the price on me after the sales guy left.

$5,699. Bardwell Yamaha in Brookhaven, MS. They also give good prices on parts and the cheapest shipping I have seen.


That is still a good deal. When I called around back in Nov all dealers in MD were at list. 6399.

WOW I'm embarassed! I'm not even going to say what I paid. The dealers here in AZ would'nt even talk about a deal when I got mine in Feb. I had one sold out from under me so when the next one came available(different dealer) I slooooowly bent over and handed him my wallet :)

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