2005 Yz250?

Hey guy's/ gals,

I'm looking at getting a newer bike here very soon, and seeing as I'm a Yamaha guy, I'm looking at the YZ250. I'm looking at some nice used 2005+ models, the ones with the aluminum frames, but have read that the 06 and up are the way to go due to the better suspension?! How much better is it? I will be using the bike for all around riding (woods, hills, jumps, but not really for track use) I'm 31, and 165 lbs. Is there any reason to get the 06+ over a really nice 05? I currently ride a 01 YZ125 with hand guards, skid plate, and I find it works great, but I just need a bit more.


I'm in the same boat as you, got an 01 yz125 but I'm looking for an aluminum framed yz250:)

Anyone else? I thought this forum was filled with YZ250 experts?

You have to be going pretty fast to notice the difference between the SSS (06+) and twin chamber (05) suspension. The 05 works awesome for offroad. My MB1 tuned '05 suspension was more compliant off road than my friends stock '07 suspension.

Unless you are an expert or an avid track rider get yourself the 05. I recently bought an 05 250 that had 2007 suspension on it for $1,700. The reason why it had the 07 suspension was because the previous owner liked his older two stroke suspension more than the newer SSS. Personally, I like the SSS but I ride tracks mainly.

You will like the low end power of the 250 a lot more than the 125.

I'm sure I'll like the power more...I ride my buddies RM250 and love the power it makes. Right now I'm trying to decide on a 450 or a 250 two stroke...

I just got a new to me 05 YZ250 and am lovin it. The suspension had already been sent off by the previous owner and it works extremely well. I am very happy. It it is the best bike I have ridden in my short and humble career. I don't ride fast or hard enough to know the difference between suspension. I have heard that revalved & properlu spring 05 stuff is as good as the newer SSS stuff.

I like my SSS Suspension, works better then any stock setup i've ever ridden before, but a revalved and properly setup suspension will work just as good as the SSS.

i also tend to find my SSS a little rougher for offroad applications, but then again it's setup for the track not the trails

On the '05 fork you basically have position sensative dampening. the '06 fork moved to speed sensative dampening.

On the '05 you are more confined as to what type of riding you like to do. The fork can be set up for plushness or for agressive type riding. The fork does a good job at either, but probably not both. The midvalve on the '05 fork tends to get harsh with high speed compression spikes, but a company like smartperformanceinc can help with that.

The SSS fork is able to be plush, but can switch to agressive riding due to its dampening being speed sensative. The SSS fork will work better over a wider range of conditions than the '05 fork. The SSS fork will allow you to run much softer dampening while still retaining big hit capabilities, and that translates into a better overall ride.

The first thing I noticed when I rode the SSS is its much better at taking big hits without bottoming hard. My first ride out I blew a timing section and came up short on a little double and with my old forks it would have sucked, but the SSS took the hit without jaring my body as much as I was expecting.

The '05 fork was great in '05, but suspension evolved in '06!

For the price difference between a '05 and a '06, which is nill, I would try and find an '06.

Give this thread a read, it answers your question better that I can.


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