WR450 steering traits and rear wheel question

Damn, I took my new WR out for it's maiden voyage on Saturday and it felt like the steering was way too responsive, especially in rocks or bumpy conditions, it felt really twitchy. I'm saying this all in comparison to how my 00 WR400 handled which was on the other end of the spectrum. It seemed like you really had to try to make it turn, but it tracked very well on the rough stuff. Anybody else who has had an older model notice this or is it just me?

I also was going to start looking around for a used rear wheel to use for a paddle and was wondering what years will work on the 450. I remember hearing that Yamaha changed the width of the rear hub but I can't remember what year it was.

Thanks for any info. :)

Mine is pretty twitchy also. I have never had to use a steering dampner before, but I may have to do it now. I did increase the rebound dampning on the rear shock by about 4 clicks. This kept the back end from jumping around and feels less twitchy in the rough stuff, but it still needs some help.


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