Good, ventilated armor with rib protection that works with a Leatt brace?

I'm recovering from some very severe crash injuries. I don't want to break my neck, sternum, shoulder and 5 ribs all at once again when I do ride again.

Does anyone know of a chest protector that offers rib and shoulder protection while fitting with a Leatt brace? It would be a huge bonus to be well ventilated and breathable.


Go to the product review section of Thumpertalk. There are some reviews on body armor there you can read.

I've had surgeries, couple bad discs, plenty of bruises, strains, sprains (as I'm sure everyone who has been riding a while has), and now wear tons of gear. I did a bunch of research and this is the stuff I use:

High Velocity Gear Juggernaut slimline body armor suit:

CE certified (tested in Europe to meet standards for motorcycle protective gear)


Omega neck brace: Review here with pics:


Zoombang undershirt with shoulder and rib padding:


If you were really worried about more sternum protection than the juggernaut suit, zoombang offers a sternum pad you can add on-guys are using them under ballistic/bullet proof vests for added impact protection-can get them with adhesive backing (I don't have one of these):


Roller hockey shorts:


Acerbis Impact EVO knee guards:


Alpinestars Tech 6's

Bell helmet

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