Just wandering!(read)

Had a question for you guys/girls. What is the most miles you guys/girls ever got out of your drz400e? (What I mean is street legal not in trails) Also on the original motor no work done such as rings pistons and so on.

I just passed 30K last weekend on my 06 "S" I bought new with less than 1 mile on it.

Only mods are jet kit/3x3, MCCT, K&N and a load of tires :busted:

No smoke, no real noise, was thinkin about trying for 50K before rebuild but I will probably pull this winter during down time and send to Eddie for a rebuild.:thumbsup:

24,000 + on my SM and it gets ridden hard :busted: no motor mods except for FCR and SSW/MRD

Mine has just over 10k Hard offroad miles. 3x3, JD jet kit.

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