Canadian WR450

I have a few questions from you pros.

I just purchased a WR450F in Calgary Alberta Canada. Now I have been doing some reading just wanted to clarify a few things. I read the Canadian versions dont have the Grey Wire, throttle stop, airbox snorkle and the pipe is sealed up.

Did some checking, and I do have the Grey Wire, don't know if it will do anything for me, but I disconected it. Havent checked the throttle stop yet, and I'm not sure if my airbox is different from an american version or not. Can any of you Canadians that own one, verify what should be modified on the Canadian bikes?

Also what jet should I be running in the Calgary area, mostly Maclean Creek for specifics. I believe it has a 160 main jet right now.

So far I am impressed with the power, but it seems to be lacking in at the top end, seems to sputter at higher revs. Is that normal? I am used to 2 stroke power, so it will take a bit to get used to.

Thanks for the help. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

The Canadian spec is same as Euro the grey wire is not connected there is no throttle stop and the air box is different.

However your exhaust is very restrictive and you will find it makes a huge difference when you replace it

Thanks for the info, any pipe you recommend?

I thought the Cdn bikes had no throttle stop, but a buddy of mine in Cowtown just picked up his 450 and swears there is a throttle stop. He can only get a 1/4 turn out of the throttle. FMF makes nice pipes

The Thunder Alley is an awesome pipe and it is relatively cheap and will give you a lot more grunt.

But it is loud (I personally love the sound)

the canadian version has no throttle stop and the throttle

rolls about .25 of a turn.

For the price($50-$100) you can't beat a used YZF exhaust. They're pretty loud but will make a huge difference over your stocker.

Shawn :)

We are busy cutting a standard Canadian/Euro Pipe and modifying it.

We have cut 60mm off the end and removed one of the three plates we are now using a larger perforated pipe and turning a new end cap

I will post pics and how it performs on my friends bike and we can drag each other to see the difference.

Currently my bike is much faster than his with the stock pipe.

The biggest problem with the Canadian model is it won't qualify for the Yamaha contingency program. Not that its big bucks, but its hard earned money. :)

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