Need latest Trail Info For Ouray, Colo.

Hey Gang, having gazed into my clutch basket crystal ball and rubbed my FMF genie lamp till it shines I am still only finding info. on jeep trails in the Ouray area. I'll be there Sept. 12-14 and would love to check out what else...Singletrack! Saw some older posts but the way things open and close (mostly close) I thought I'd start a new thread to get the latest info. And if you want to make jokes about shining my genie lamp, go for it! I'm a FNG to TT From Ogden Ut. so I deserve it Haha!

maybe Tom (Enduro-ince) will chime in. I believe Nate Creek and Alpine Loop are open until the snow flies. i haven't rode those yet, myself, but hear they are great. i live on the Telluride side, and our best single track, the Wilson Mesa trail, is closed for the season. East Fork trail on the Rico side of Lizard head pass is a fun one, then you can connect to the road that comes out eventually to Hermosa Park area by Durango Mtn Resort. you could ride from Ouray over Imogene Pass or Black Bear to Telluride, then up the highway to Lizard Head Pass then do more trails back to the Silverton side of things. Also, not exactly single track, but the riding out at Flattop in Montrose is always great! wide open trails, great ditch runs, big hill climbs! hope that helps a bit...

Thanks for the info!

NF, come on dude, I'm wanted in at least 4 states, I can't just have my name floating around the intrawebs like that:bonk: But then again my name is TOM Richard Harry so the authoritays will have their work cut out for them.


Nate Creek is done for the season but the Alpine Trail is still legal. You could slab to Owl Creek pass road just north of Ridgway. Take that over the pass and down to Silver Jack res,(20-30 minutes) jump on the Alpine Trail(not easy) That'll take you to the Alpine Plateau rd and down to the highway about 10 miles outside Lake City. If you are worked,(alpine can do that to a person) take Engineer from LC down to 550 and into Ouray, If your feeling He Man, take cinnamon pass rd to Wager gulch aka carson townsight,to lost creek atv trail to lost creek ST trail which turns into Pole Creek ST trail and spits you out on Stony pass rd. If your worked, slab it to ouray over red mtn pass. If you are still in He MAn mode, go out to animas forks, California pass, down poughkeepsie gulch to engineer rd and left to 550.

does that make any sense?

Shit, I think I'd get lost following those directions:thumbsup: Get a good map and it will be clear as mud:smirk:


Thanks for the advice, I found the Alpine Loop map online so its good to "see" the loops. I'm seeing Howardsville to Animas to Cinnamon to the singletrack heading south and then down to Stony Pass back to Howardsville. No license plates on either bike and will my wife kill me for taking her on this one?

Enduro-ince, sorry for the slip,but i am not even convinced the name i know you as is real, but as always your amazing knowledge of local trails has shown itself! if the authorities ever do catch up, i will have to help bail you out, so you can keep the rest of us headed in the right direction!

To Happy Hauler, if you are looking for easier singletrack, you could also look into trails off of the Divide Rd, Spring Creek area-look on a map for the Dave Wood Rd west of montrose to where it connects with the Divide Rd heading north. Trails like the rim trail (ATV) or Dented Door (singletrack) and several others in that area. not quite as "in your face" scenic as the Alpine area, but it definitely doesn't suck!

Thanks Guys! Stopping in Montrose at Planet Motorsports to see Joe for our permits, maps, etc. With all the Dakine info on TT I need more days to ride!

hit up Kevin at Planet for trail info. That guys knows everything about the area. Seriously, he has been involved in riding out here a very long time. was just down there looking at a new Beta 450 RS-might be one in the garage soon!

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