pro circuit t4 exhaust for a 2008 drz 125 need help!

So im thinking about buy the t4 exhaust kit for my drz 125, so my question is how easy is the install of this considering im not very mechanically inclined and also if i get the full system is there anything else i will need to buy with it and is the supposed power gain of this system or any other system really worth the money? any info you can give will be greatly appreciated

Yes, its worth it. It is very easy to install, you dont have to be a mechanic to make it happen. May take you half an hour since you dont know how. You will need to rejet......thats very easy as well, do a search, they have step by step instructions and explanations of whats going on. If you get stuck, just ask! You can do it.


If the T4 is like the Yosh pipe, it's pretty simple, requires a couple of metric sockets. We had to rejet all the way to a #110 to get it almost right. It was so blasted loud that we sold it, went back to stock.

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