Mortgage rate update " Rates Drop "

Due to the continuing sluggishness in the ecomomy. Rates on 30yr fixed loans have come back down.

Conventional is at % 4.875

FHA % 5.25

VA % 5.25 " zero down "

USDA Rural Housing % 5.50 " zero down and no monthly mortgage insurance "

PM me or phone 360-893-4757 if you would like more information.


Shameless plug for Russ. Straight shooter and fair dealings. I am unemployed or I'd consider another re-fi to get below 5%. This economy is pretty scary.


also, first time buyers should act NOW or lose out on $8K cash from the guberment... first time home buyer credit expires November.

Shameless plug for Russ. Straight shooter and fair dealings.


+1. Made it a snap for my wife & I to re-fi.

Shameless plugs are just fine when you're also the sponsor of the forum section !! :busted:

Thanks for your contributions here Russ ... and let me know if you wanna work the December motorcycle show so I can give you your hand truck back !!

(One good shameless comment deserves another ... :thumbsup: )

Do to the continued sluggishness in the economy. Rates continue to improve.

The previously posted rates have improved by % .25

30 year at 4.65?

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