header pipe for woods riding

recently purchased an 03 ktm 250 sx.it came with a stock pipe that is smooshed and several dings in it. I was hoping someone experienced with using different pipes on this model could chime in . I want more hit off idle but not to take away from top end.I mainly ride trails(tight stuff).money is limited so I can only buy used pipe.thinking a new stock pipe with small flat dent on outer fat side is $50.00

also a used fatty pipe with no dents is $50.00

which one if any would be better for off road

fmf gnarly.

There are a few companys out there that will fix a dented pipe for about 50 bucks. Also, check ebay for a good stocker. I bought an extra and keep it in the camper so my weekend might not be ruined.

fmf gnarly.

HUM???? was that on the list????

The stock pipe are fairly good pipes but I'd get the Fatty. I'd also check out e bay if you can stand to buy there...

I'd agree with FMF Gnarly if you are doing slow technical trail riding, the pipe is made a little thicker to handle dents and its power spread is more low/mid range. If you are after a pipe that is similar in power delivery to stock then imo the fatty or KTM FMF hard parts pipes are good alternatives. Im still using my stocker at the mo..but the prev owner banged it up pretty good.

thanks for input : I decided to go with a pc. platinum 2 pipe.I have used the gnarly before and is good pipe but is kind of flat on top end so I will try this one for a change .

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