Gravel road tire for 62hp Street bike

I did a search, but couldn't find quite what I needed. I've been wanting to explore all the gravel/dirt roads off the Blue Ridge Parkway. These are mostly not difficult terrain, maybe some light rutting in places, some loose switchbacks, but nothing very technical that needs a knobby.

I've got two different street bikes, and I'm thinking of equipping the smaller displacement one with some dual-sport tires and hitting the parkway and exploring these roads as I find them. I've done plenty of gravel on street tires, but am wanting something with a bit more grip on gravel & dirt

The smaller one is a 62hp V-twin, with around 43ft/lbs of torque and weighs in around the 400lb mark (without fuel). It has more clearance than a cruiser and a standard sportbike, but not as much as a V-Strom or similar.

What types of tires would be a good gravel tire that's decently mannered on the pavement?

I'm thinking something like the Anakee might be ok, but those are spendy. The Kenda 761 looks like a good candidate too.

Sizes: 120/70 front, 160/60 rear, 17-inch both front and rear.



You might want to include the wheel size, 16, 18,19 etc???

Fixed it in the post, thanks!


lotsa guys like avon distanzias

If the gravel is hard packed then an adventure tire like the Kenda K761 would work but if it is loose at all, I don't think you can beat a knobby-like tire. Of course you will lose grip on the street if you go that direction.

maxxis 6006

Looking at the suggestions, looks like so far I'm stuck with Pirelli Scorpion Sync (not far from a full street tire) and little else. Guess I'll either have to save for a dual sport or deal with street tires on gravel ~


I have the Avon distanzias on my motard and they work great on the pavement and are decent in the gravel. They come in your size too.

Pirelli Mt90 A/t ?

You probably already know that driving what I assume is a SV650 in the dirt will always be a struggle.

You have geometry designed for the street. You have very little suspension, not valved or enough travel for the dirt.

Your bike will handle poorly no matter what. If you must throw on a set of daul sport tires, sure try them, even find some half worn tires as it will handle like crap no matter what......

But I'm jaded, I have my street bikes and my dual-sports, and could Never amagine riding a sport bike in the dirt, other than a mile or so to get somewhere, and for that I would ride @ 10mph to get there.

There are soo many good DS tires out there, the question you should be asking yourself is can you afford to throw you street bike down on a rock road....

Remember with a DS bike you can throw it down with a scratch or so that means nothing.

Now if you still want a tire to "hook-up" the best in nasty stuff that will handle a lot more HP, look at the Dunlop 606. My Aprilia was recently dyno'ed @ 71.5rwhp and this is the only tire I'll use, yet I have 12" off travel, can run baja type fireroads at 65mph with not issue, and do the nasty hillclimbs without thinking twice......

Good luck


Just looking to travel decently maintained gravel/dirt roads. Not fire roads. I know gravel is slippery. I grew up riding & driving plenty of gravel roads, and many of my street rides wind up including a some gravel. It's actually a Ducati Monster 750, and it is very manageable on gravel with its nice smooth power delivery. I just want a little more traction, not looking to trade/sell my smaller street ride for a dual sport ~



Never mind..Just noticed the rim sizes. However, Metzler Karoo is a darn good tire..

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