Role call FTR HS #1 who is going?

The FTR HS season opener is this weekend at Lake City. Some say the loop rivlas the Gatorback HS. Who all is going and what class are you riding in?

Mark C

Master 57c

We'll be there !

Jared Larson

#909 Vet C

Tyler Larson

#11 250 B

Dan Dyer

Master B



#111 vet c

Whew! Am I glad I have been working on my cardio. That mud sure was a work out!:busted:

If it had not rained it would have been awesome. My son raced Junior C and it rained the entire time. This was his first race ever and he placed 5th. :thumbsup:

I made the mistake of doing practice Sunday morning. After 10 miles (and about 50 minutes) of sloshing through some of the worst mud/black soup they rerouted the course (thank God). It would have been a disaster to use the original sections they cut out. I managed to get 4 laps in AND the practice. I sure got my money's worth! :banana:

I think the club did a great job at rerouting and doing the best they could under the circumstances. I sure hope the next one is dry!:banana:

Mark C

Master 57c

Cody C



For those who missed out on the fun! :busted: Take a look at Jonathan Belles helmet cam of the Sunday afternoon race. I raced Sunday morning and it was beginning to dry out some in the afternoon. Remember this is not the original 10 mile loop. They cut out about 4 miles to avoid the worst mud after Saturdays monsoon. I rode practice that morning on the original loop and it was the toughest 10 miles I have ever done. :thumbsup:

Jonathan sure is one tough hombre. He took some horrific crashes and still carried on. The guy is a beast.

Mark C

That was a good video. Johnathan took a couple good crashes and still performed well. I worked the event and had a blast. The Sunday course was great before the nasty rain we got Saturday night. I was glad the ones who stayed enjoyed it.


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