Lowering Forks In Clamp Reduce Stability at speed?

Some of the guys riding around here tell me that lowering the forks in the triple clamp 10mm will improve handling on my 98 400. We have a lot of slower speed riding around here, however we have one area that is really choppy and very very fast.

I just don't want to be tank slappin in fourth gear.


The bike will be more stable at speed and maybe not quite as nice in the slow going and tight areas. Try it and see. You can always go back.

If the bike is nto tank slapping now, it wont after you adjust the forks down.

I have been running both my WR and YZ 1/2 inch up in the clamps since day one. Helps dramatically in tight turns.. Remains stable pitching the bikes into berms and does not get out of control in high speed areas. Recently I purchased a Scotts TT for my yz with the high rise bar clamp, It's now a full inch up in the clamp and still handles perfectly.

Bonzai :)

I have mine 16 mm up in the clamps with 3.6" of sag on the back end and love it. Scotts damper helps with stability and fatigue while hitting objects that deflect the wheel like rocks and roots. :)

Ok, Thanks everyone

I will drop them 10mm to start with. I will drop them more if that does not cause any problems.

I'm sorry I mean raise them 10mm in the clamps

>I'm sorry I mean raise them 10mm in the clamps

I wouldn't raise them 10mm and then go race. 10mm will make a pretty dramatic

difference in how the bike handles. You don't need any surprises on race day.

I usually adjust mine in 2mm increments.

BTW, I did exactly what I'm advising you not to do. The bike was a 92 KTM 250 EXC.

I raised the forks 10mm and went racing. The bike changed from a bike that

wouldn't turn to a bike that was more nervous than a long tailed cat in a room

full of rocking chairs. As always, YMMV.


Understood Merf,

Thanks for the advice. I will increment 2-3mm at a time

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