Diff between RM125 and RM250 forks??

I originally thought that the 04+ showas on the 125s and 250s were the same, but is there a difference? I need to know quick.

I've found some 03 RM125 Showas and am condsidering using them (along with their trees) on my 98 RM250. I know not everyone will agree with the swap, because the 1998s aren't bad, I just want to try it.

Basically, I know they will fit my bike, but is there any problem running a 125 fork on a 250? Too soft, not stiff enough? Or will it work well? I'm 6'1" and 215lbs.

RM125 forks are notorious for being squishy soft.

RM125 and 250 forks are different, but the 125 forks aren't that bad after work. The 250s are just the far superior Twin Chamber design.

Before you mount them, send them for a revalve, mention they're going on a 98 RM250 with a stock rear shock, give them your vitals and what you're doing with the bike, and you'll be good to go.

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