Water In My Spark Plug

Ok my bike has a really wierd problem.

I have an 01 DRZ 400E

Every time after I wash the bike with a hose and not a power washer water ends up in my spark plug.

The wierd part is that I can ride for like a half hour into the woods far from roads and then the friggin thing dies. Sometimes I get lucky and the water dries up, but like twice I had to truck it home and take the plug out and drain the water out of the hole where the plug goes.

This is getting to be a royal pain in the ass.

How can I fix this? I guess never washing it again would fix it. Maybe the rubber boot on the plug wire is no good? It seems to look fine.

Also why would the water not cause a problem till after the bike has been running for like 45 minutes? Shouldnt the water affect it right away?

The drain for the spark pulg is probably clogged. There's a little hole on the side of the head for this (I think the left side)... make sure its clear.

Not exactly sure why you didn't see a problem immediately. The way I see it, the rubber connector was covering the electrode on top of the plug and water was only touching the metal plug casing where it screws into the head. During your ride, water may have worked its way up under the connector and shorted out the plug.

Yep, clear the drain hole.

Any pics on where this hole is?

Do I need to take the tank off to get to the hole?

Thanks guys

The drain hole is to the left of the petcock on the cylinder head, just below the tank. You don't have to remove the tank.

It's about an 1/8" dia hole on the left side of the cylinder head, about in line with the exhaust port. Can't miss it, it's the only hole there. No need to remove the tank to get to it.

Is there an echo :busted:

.....echo :busted:

Thanks a lot ill clean out the hole then

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