Wheels and Vector

Hey all

I am looking for some SM wheels, i know that i need 3.5 and 4.25.

What is the diameter of shafts and can i use any wheels that match and just make spacers?

Leads me to second question,

Has anyone fitted Vector speedo cluster, any info on fitting etc or if they are any good would be appreciate.


The Vector fits exactly the same as the Vapor. No issues for me. Just make sure you intall the speedo sensor correctly, there are tons of threads on here regarding the Vapor instal. You can search for my Vector instal on here as well.

Best deal is to find Stock DRZ take offs, sometimes they turn up in the ThumperTalk classifieds complete with tires for as low as $650. I missed one of those so I built my own White Bros prepped Excel, Talon, Buchannan with Michelin Pilot Roads and used rotors $1400 OTD>

Forrest at Wheeling Supply can hook you up with a great deal on a complete set as well Beyond that you have to lace hubs to stock drz hubs - PITA.

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