Renthal Bar height - cable problems TTR250

Need to replace stock bars that are bent. My son is 6-2 and needs higher bars. Looking at the Renthal RC High ("B" dimension 119 mm). Believe this to be about 2" more than stock bars assumming stock are 70mm "B" dimension.

Can anyone advise if I will have fitment/cable problems? Could I go even higher?

Thank, Nick

Please, need a reply and some advise - need to purchase bars asap. Thx

I have the Jimmy button bend (high bars) and the stock cables work just fine with them. You shouldn't have any issues.

I installed a set of RC regulars with a 1 1/8 adapeter. The adapter sets the bars up 1/2 inch and I love that position, which is about 1 1/4 obothe the stocks. The answer adapter I found works great, and was only about 40 bucks, be careful of the higher priced models, they dont seem worth it. you may need to shave the e-start to fit the bar if you go to 1 1/8. But its all good, you will love it

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