New bike update

The 09 450 I picked up yesterday is amaZing. Only rode it around the neighbrohood but throttle response is just about scary!!! Very light and narrow feeling. Taking it out to break in today then home for oil change... Said in the owners book first day u ride/ first 15 miles break in. Isn't that not a lot? Only 15 miles? How long u recomend I break in? No full throttle starts? Avoid blurpinh the throttle hard??? Any break in tips would be appreciated. It's my 4th Honda and I'll never have anything else. Thanks guys keep everyone updated. Only mods are works connection radiator braces and skid plate more to come!!!! Drop a note on Break in time and throttle technique please. Searched forums found nothing on 09 breakin

All you have to do to break it in is run it through a few heat cycles and then change the oil and oil filter. Ride it till it fully warms up, and don't keep the throttle at a constant RPM for extended amount of time. Let it cool down completely. Do that a few times and then rip into it a little harder the next time. Let cool down and should be ready to race next ride. Lots of different ideas and methods but I generally do 3 heat cycles (heat up good then cool down). Then ride at about 80% and let it cool down. 5th ride I am wide open. Some do it longer some less.

I agree with motophile, can't stress enough that you change that oil and filter. I got more metal shavings on my filter that first oil change on my 04 when I had it, then I ever thought I would. And others here at that time said it wasn't uncommon to have the filter collect enough metal material to make the new owner think something was wrong. Hopefully your new bike is better than my 04 was but that was still an awesome bike that didn't give me any trouble.

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