09 450 break in hard or soft???

Taking the crf450 out to break it in. Should I ride it kind of hard? Baby it? The book only said 15 miles that seems short to me. Should I chop the throttle? (hard to resist with FI) lol and oil change afterwords. Thanks for the help guys I appreciate it

Ride it like your gonna ride it normally. Always worked fine for my bikes.

Ride it like normal, but do it with heat cycles. Meaning, after you run a few laps, shut it down and let it cool off for 10-15min. Then get back on and run it like normal again, do this 4-5 times, you should be good to go.

I have always followed this pretty much the way he does it and never had a problem.


Only diffrence is the sizeco has to heat up for a minute or 2 before i hammer on it in the 500 or i might seize it.. if i let it warm up for a minute to get the temp stabilized then im golden.

let it warm up for a few minutes and then ride it HARD! That way the piston rings get a good seal. Also make sure to change the oil a lot for the first few rides.

i just broke in my kx450f and i did it by this method...

warm bike up (3 min idle)

20-30 min. 1/2 throttle

let bike cool down for 15 min.

35-45 min. 3/4 throttle

let bike cool down for 20 min.

45-60 min. normal riding

this method was also suggested in the owners manual and i havent had trouble with my bike so far......

as long as you let it warm up just ride it like your gonna ride it all the time

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