USD Forks on a 1994 KDX200

How good were they? Are the newer years standard forks better? A friend is looking at buying a 1994 instead of newer KDX based on the USD forks. I would guess there was a reason why they went back to the standard forks.

Money seems to be a very popular reason people think they went back to the conventional forks.

I wouldn't suggest he go with the USD forks on a 1993 - 1994 KDX200 over all the other features provided by the 1995+ models.

I'm with KDXGarage on that one. The USD forks have basically the same internals as the 95+ conventionals. There may be some added benefit of rigidity there, but probably not a noticeable amount.

I do love the 89-94 KDX's for other reasons though. Namely the engine....


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