klx 250 help again

ok first off i have a 96 klx 250..all stock ...seams to run great...however it starts hard when cold...i know that my xr600 had probs starting but is there a easy way other than kicking the shiat out of this thing...

second i hate the white rad shrouds specially as the previous owner took all decals off....i want to gwt a differant color..however the aftermarket has none that i can find...is there any other bike that is close to the same ...i know the kdx uses the same tank but differnt radiator..anyoone try a differant modle shrouds with any luck???

i know that i will have to make the rad bolt hole fit on the kdx style but just need some more input to aid in the direction to go with this....

get your valves checked and adjusted that will solve your stating problem.

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