Want to set up son's bike on my own

I have 3 boys, two of them are riding now and I know the third is ripping to go. My oldest is on a RM 85 and my middle one is on a cobra. I had suspension work done by some good people here in central Pa but, wow it was not cheap.

I will have 3 boys racing and all needing suspension work done from time to time and that will add up to be WAY too much. I have checked out prices of RaceTech gold valves and parts and if I could do it myslef i know i could save a BOAT load of cash.

What are some suggestions and where can i learn how to do this on my own?

Mind you Im not a rocket scientist but, I am smart enough to come on here and ask for help!

For DIY how about this www.shimrestackor.com. With ReStackor you could retune the bikes suspension as your kids skills and weight increase. Plus it might be fun to teach them about suspensions.

With a handful of shims you could keep them busy for years tuning the thing..........

I'd go at it like you are, do it yourself and teach your sons something along the way. They may not notice if you make a mistake on their bikes suspension since they are starting so young so you have some give on that right now. I'm sure it won't take long and they'll be telling YOU what needs to be done. That would be good teaching on your part to them though.

start with thedoggers DIY suspension thread..and then take 1 apart. Not sure what suspension is on those bikes but its just smashing fluid past metal shims..write it all down, before and after

The suspension on both the bikes you listed are different from what the dooger was working with. You can learn from his post, but keep in mind that all things he is working on in his suspension are not exactly the same as what yours will look like. In my opinion, the gold valves are a good place to start to learn how too do your own.

Thanks for all your advice. Im also wondering if there is something i can read up on how to troubleshoot or modify the suspension before heading to certain tracks.

www.mx-tech.com in the downloads section you will find a tuning guide, the cobra and rm 85 stuff isnt that advanced, cobra talk has lots of info.

i no this is kinda a off topic question.. but...

is rm 85 suspension: kayaba or showa

i no this is kinda a off topic question.. but...

is rm 85 suspension: kayaba or showa



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