1994 Honda XR650L Specifications

Sorry to bother you guys but I am searching for specs on the 94 XR650L.

I've googled my fingers raw and also tried the forum search function here, with no results. Any one know where I might get this information? I'm thinkinig of buying this bike.

Thank you very much for any input you might have.

you should get a million hits on

"xr650L specs"

e.g.: http://www.dirtrodders.com/xr650l/specs.html

are you looking for something beyond the usual weight, height, tires size kinda crap?

Yeah, I got some results, but nothing specific for 1994. That link you gave me there is for a 2003 bike. Do you happen to know if the specs are the same 94-03?

Heck, I'll just fire away some questions here and see if any body can help me out.

1. Does the 1994 XR650L have a dual carb like the old ones did?

2. Can anything be done to lower the seat height (inseam of only 30 inches...yes I'm a troll). Checked out some lowering links and it said they'd lower the seat by only about 1.5".

3. Any idea of the HP on one of these? Maybe 30 or 35hp?


All XR650L's are almost exactly the same. The engine is 100% the same. All use a single carb.

I think Honda speced it at just over 30 hp. With the simple uncorking mods you can bump that up to close to 40. Many of those may have already been done.

Between a lowering link, dropping the forks in the clamps, and shaving the seat foam you should get about 2.5 (3?) inches of lowering. Any more would require moding the shock and forks for less travel.

The biggest changes over the 650L production were to the appearance and suspension. Even then, they were not actually "big" changes; they had to do with spring rates, fork drain plugs, and zerk fittings for the rear linkage. The specs on Honda's powersports site for the '09 650L are accurate all the way back to the '93 introduction of the model.

I *think* the 650L in stock trim makes around 37bhp which roughly equates to 30rwhp. Fortunately there is a lot of room for improvement.

on that note Headtrauma when in the hell did they stop putting in drain plugs in the forks? I need to swap out my fork fluid and was thinking this will be easy...until I looked at my forks and saw bumps instead of a spot to drain the fluid...

Yea, they probably saved a whole dollar eliminating the zerks and the fork drain screws. Then they moved up to deleting the tool kit. I bet they spent $50 a year per bike on "Bold New Graphics."

Hey, thanks gentlemen. I appreciate all the info.

Just a note of caution:

I lowered my forks on my 94 to get it to tune better in the dirt and it worked well. However, when I took a freeway ride it developed a serious wobble at anything above 65. Lifted them back and it tamed it down considerably.

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