SRC Fork Brace

I recently picked up a used SRC fork brace but it didnt come with the fancy fork guards.

Does anyone know of a place where I can get replacements?

I also read about some people using KTM fork guards.....anyone know which KTM guards will fit the XR4?

Part #'s or KTM-year-model, would be great.


I'm interested too. I bought a used SRC fork brace and I'm just using neoprene tube covers now, but I think it would look better with some fork guards. I think white would look best with my setup.

Try the fork guards to suit a 1997 KTM ex/c. They suit the marzocchi forks that the KTM's had in this day but they need a little modifcation in two areas:

1. around the top mounting loop - the KTM fork guards have a plastic ring and screw which clamps them above the lower triple clamp. This might need removing and some need mountingholes drilled to fit up your existing brackets.

2. the fork guard on the KTM's appears to wrap around the outside edge more than the SRC fork guards did. Because of this they won;t run in the SRC lower fork guides. Simply trim the outside edge of the KTM guards back and they should run fine.

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