Electrical questions(fried plugs?)

Hey all!

So i got my bike (84' Yamaha TT600) finally put together and put the finishing touches on the wiring. I had to do it all from scratch because i bought the bike from a bike wrecker and all the parts came off of a parts bike i had from way back. Once i finished wiring i put the recommended plug in to test the spark against the block. The spark seemed very very strong, perhaps too strong even. Being the young, inexperienced mechanic i am i figured what the hell im going to see if it will start anyway. I gave it a few kicks and there was some mean kickback on a couple of them, at which point i decided it would be best to stop there because something wasnt right. I pulled the plug and tested the spark again, and the spark was very weak and very rare.

So i am guessing that i fried the plug. My question is, what electrical components can be directly linked to fried spark plugs? My guess is that it is the ignition coil, but is there any way that the CDI box or magneto could be responsibe (or contributing) in any way? Furthermore, how can i determine the exact cause of my issue? I am willing to provide any additional information and appreciate any help. Thanks!!

okay,your right with the ignition coil. and yes the cdi box could also be the problem. but i would check the regulator first. that is what actually controls the amount of energy(voltage to the plug and everything else). lastly it really is unlikely that it is the magneto and stator. there isnt a way for the magneto and stator to add more amps to the system. a bad stator or magneto will cause loss of amps.not an increase. and oh yeah,you got a 600!! haha the kickback is mean on those bikes even with a compression release.

I was under the impression that the voltage regulator was only responsible for controlling the amount of current directed to the lights, am i wrong in thinking this? The reg only has one wire coming out of it and that ties into the headlight/tail light system, and it is grounded via the mounting bolts. I didn't mention in my earlier post that this TT was a year prior to the introduction of the model that came with a battery so it is just a regulator, not a reg/rectifier combo(if that helps at all).

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