Wheel bearing replacement

Hi, I need to replace the rear wheel bearings in my 06 crf450 and was wondering if there are any tricks to removing the bearing retainer without having the correct tool. Any advice or thoughts are appreciated, thanks, Nick

A brass punch and a hammer usually does the trick. The Pivot works kit usually comes with a new retainer, If you end up marking it up too much. When installing, I tap it until it is fully seated. Then hit it one more time for goodluck, if you know what I mean? :busted:

i used a piece of steel flat stock i had laying around the garage. it was 3/16 or 1/8 inch thick and about 2 inches wide.length doesnt really matter. i had to grind it down to about 1 7/8 to get it to fit in between the hub recess. then i put a crescent wrench on it and used it like a giant flat head screwdriver. look and see if the stock collar is center punched. if it is, you need to drill it out.

I've also taken thrashed sockets and then ground down the areas in between where you need the extended points to be. If I'm thinking correctly about the type of tool you need that is. It's quick to do and functions just like a factory tool since you are starting out with the socket which should be totally flat to start with where it would make contact with the special nut/retainer.

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