LPNF Question

I have a question that I am sure is very stupid.

Does LPNF mean Los Padres National Forest? I figured that's what it meant, yet I keep seeing threads about LPNF with trails I have never heard of and a couple pics that weren't familiar at all. Also, there's several places to ride in the Los Padres National Forest: La Panza, Ballinger, and a few others I think, so this leads me to believe that it doesn't mean Los Padres.

So... What does LPNF mean? Where's it at and all that junk?

Am I within reasonable driving distance? I'm in Paso Robles, central coast.

You're correct on it meaning Los Padres. As for the location when posted on here it is primarily the trails that can be accessed from the Hungry Valley OHV(Gorman).


Good to know, it's been driving me crazy.

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