Doug Henry back on a motorcycle.

That's great. Good to see that he is back in the saddle. I guess what they say is true, if you want something bad enough you will find a way to make it happen.:busted::thumbsup:


Ricky James, same thing.His bike doesn't have the roll cage.I think the cage is a good Idea.


I wonder what that rig makes the bike weigh? He's got it up off the ground pretty good. :busted:

DH will ALWAYS be one of my all-time favorite riders and people.:busted:

takes alot of balls to get back on!

met daug a local track, he stopped in 1 day b.c he was racing next to the track with his shifter cart.

Awesome! I'm glad to see him get back on the horse! He's one of my all-time favorites. :busted::thumbsup:

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