2010 YZ450 debut at Glen Helen... and riding with Bubba!!

Wow, great post. How does it feel to be the most envied guy on the YZF forum? Sounds like you took full advantage of a once in a lifetime opportunity.

i dont know about that, but it was a massive win especially considering we did not expect the half of it... i still can't believe it really

oh and to some talking about the 2010's and when they come out and all that, i would guess the bike bubba rode was already his, and if it isn't, he'll have 11 just like them and more probably in his spare semi's somewhere... either way, he stated that he will be on the 2010 for the US Open, and if i can read into the rest of his commentary regarding the bike... he will have no issues 'keeping up' with everyone :busted::thumbsup::banana:

Very cool story, thanks for posting.


No 2011 wr next year at all?


No 2010 WR.

ive ridden hondas for the last ten years and i have to admit....that bike is SICK!!! next level

Great story Bubba is the man! I wish these things were coming out like "now" I just sold my RMZ and want a bike asap.

WOW that rmz didn't last long!!...:-)

Thats awsome. Stewart seems like a total class act. He was great anouncing the x games to. The guy can do it all.

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