Is the YZ for ME???

I am thinking about getting a 09 YZ450 that I found a good deal on. Here is my question. I do mostly trail riding and hare scrambles type racing. I currently have a 04 CRF 450 and was thinking about getting a 450x or WR450. I am a big guy (245lbs) and like the power of the 450 mx bike but I hate the low speed stalls and flame outs. Is the YZ better at the slow stuff than my CRF? Thanks:banana:

No the YZ is no better. You can make the WR or the X run like the MX versions with very slight mofifications. If the weight does not bother you they are the way to go. Or if you are more race oriented you can tame the mx bike with a heavier flywheel or even a auto clutch.

I purchased a 2008 a couple of months ago and was riding a CRF450X. I liked the gearing of the X, but I perfer the power of the YZ. I ride mostly desert and like the nimble feeling of the 30 + pound lighter bike. I also dont mind doing a little more clutch work.

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