06 WR450 and magura clutch

Did the search and came up with a few inputs on the magura on a wr and have found out some info I thought I would share.

First off, I bought an 06 wr450 that came with a Jack clutch new in the box with very limited instructions, but I decided to give it a try.

The first thing I noticed was the neutral switch was different, then the bracket did not seem to fit, then the pin that holds the actuator to the lever was way long, so i quit and was looking for input..

I did not find any info on line, so I called magura a few times and got voice mail, so I left a message. I am thinking at this point, I did not buy the part from them so I am pretty much out of luck..

Today, my phone rings. It is the magura guy. He is VERY helpful.

the n/s switch, if you want one, is a magura only to fit the lever.. and cheap.

the bracket may need some work to make it fit, but it looks like it will. He also told me the pin that holds the actuator on is designed on that model to be put in from the bottom and the actuator goes above the lever, not in the middle like the cable would go, on the motor. I wish the inst sheet was more detailed, but....

Just to let you guys know, Magura does seem to care about their products.

I will let you know when I get it installed...:busted:

Hi, thank you for that information.

Could you please tell me, what Magura Clutch you used exactly?

Could you maybe post some pictures?

Thank you...


don't have it installed yet, but i will post pix's when i get it done.

it is a magura jack clutch and the part number ends in a -30.

hope to get it put in this weekend..


Magura USA are a bunch of nice guys. All seem to be German and the accent makes it a little tricky but they are very helpful.

All clutch Jack slaves are the same. Some use unique mounting brackets for a particular machine. There are a few different types of fluid lines and lengths available. There are two versions of master cylinders. One is close to the bars, the other a little farther away and is intended for bikes that use switchgear (ie, a hi/lo-horn-signals combo switch). There are few other small accessories too. Ask the guys for a parts catalog if you need to put together a special setup.

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