Spy Photos of the 04 CR450 woods weapon!

Well we have all heard about the new woods ready, off road version of the CR450F. Now here it is first.. only on TT.



:):D :D :D

Wow check out the two up stadium seating! Is that that Englebert dude?....

Bet she's a handful in the rocks. :)

What a worx byke ! I guess light weight and dual-sport purpose was the deisgn principle. I like the color.

It is truly a weapon of mass degration.

ROTFLMFAO!!!! :D :D :D:)

Now thats FUNNY!! :D:):D Just what I needed to end a dull day!! Actually, I think that may be "ELVIS" with new I.D.

Wow.... Honda has really outdone themselves this time.... I can't believe they have a two seater... That's too cool..... I wonder if Ricky is going to race one of these bad boys in the nationals...... :)

NOW thats a GOOD ONE!!!

:D :D :)


I found these pics in a 1982 copy of Popular Science. I had to share it made me laugh so hard.

In the article this guy goes on to state "This bike will be the technology of the future."

:):D :D :D :D :D

Quiz: Can anyone tell me what the name of the bike is?

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