B53E Needle

I did a search looking for the positives and negatives of this needle compared to the stock needle and have not come up with much. :)

Can anybody enlighten me on what changes using this needle has made as far as performance on their BRP.

Are the changes more relative to high speed desert or slower single track riding?

Thanks in advance for any info.

I didn't even bother putting the 53E needle in. When I opened the carb I compared the two needles with a micrometer and found no difference. Is it possible that this needle is the series they ran in the 2000 model year and it is just a left over part number form that time?

When looking at the stock needle, it appeared to be the same needle as the new one i was putting in. The stock one had b53f printed on the side, and i'm unsure whether the F was a worn out E, or whether the stock needle was in fact, a b53f.



How about some help here.

My needle said B53F on it also. I was thinking that it was a later revision. i just really could not find any difference between the 2 :)

I looked in my notes and had listed the B53e needle being approximately two clip positions richer than my stock needle at 1/4 throttle, about one clip richer from 3/8 to 5/8 throttle and same as the stock needle from 3/4 to full throttle. I don't have the stock carb anymore to verify this, but when I surveyed a number of XR650R riders over a year ago, it appeared most people were happy with either choice of needle. Maybe the needles have been updated since then to B53f, but its always worth playing around to find out what works best for your application.

I have both needles, the competition one came with my power up kit. I can't tell any difference at all, unless the taper at the end where it meets the main jet is different? I don't know. In any case, I used the competition needle and set the clip to 3rd position and used the 175 main jet. Alt. is 650' Elev. I tried the 4th position also, but the bike seemed too mellow at low rpms. I swear the bike feels much more crisp and potent at low speeds with the 3rd position on the competition needle. Could be all in my head, but anyway, I've got mine set at no.3


Did you up your pilot jet or stay with stock? From the info I see here you have two choices with simlar results.

(1) Go with a 68s pilot and stick with the stock needle.

(2) Go with the B53E needle and stick with a stock pilot jet 65s.

I run a B53E in the 3rd position and a 68s pilot. It is hard to see by looking at it but I think the taper is a little different. With the stock needle I needed to run in the 4th from the top but with the B53E the 3rd works best. I saw a comparison of the two needles somewhere. I will try to find it. :)

Cool man! So there is someone else who has used the 3rd position with the competition needle with good results. That's good to hear, it's not all my head. Honestly the bike did feel less potent in the 4th position with the comp. needle.

Once the hot weather hits I'm going to give that B53E needle a try. It looks like both you guys are close to sea level, so I'll go with the 3rd too. Have you guys read your plugs? Is it burning on the lean side?

Hey Grimmer

I am about 3500'above sea level and the plug is nice and tan.

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