Striped bolt on the oil filter plate? is there a risk of shavings in the oil?

well when i took my oil filter plate off the bolt striped on the way out?? i have never had this happen. what do yall think is the reason? i sucked the shavings out with a shop vac and a magnet. i put the bolt back in but it wont get tight. my plan is to drill and tap it out and replace the bolt useing so high temp ainti sizue. my question is has anyone seen this happen before? and is there a chance the oil runs so close to the bolt that if i drill in there it could get in the motor? (like drilling in to an oil journal) thanks guys. its an 03 wr450


Check the YZ section (do a search)....there is a great fix by Greyracer. I believe a time sert is in your future for the repair. Sorry for no link, but I'm on my phone and it takes forever for TT to load.

thanks guys

do you think the zip ty magnetic oil filter cover would solve this problem?

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