THANKS From Mike68!

Hey guys, as you know Mike is not able to post, but has been keeping tabs on the site.

He would like to express his thanks to everyone for your support.

He also expressed to me that he is concerned about everyone sending their Camelbaks back to the company and having to buy new ones.

I can't speak for everyone, but for me. I'm glad to lend support to Mike and the entire OHV communtity in this small way.

Thanks from Mike68!

Just a thought here... Maybe Mike68's email did not find its way to the right people within Camelback? From the found the moles post Mike put up, was it the webmaster who forwarded it on?? In some cases the webmasters of these large companies are just dweebs with nothing better to do.. I had a similar occurance here and only found out that my complaint had not reached the right person.... Being all the way over here in Oz makes it a little difficult to understand this whole scenario... Maybe Bill or someone...could you place a post highlighting the whole situation of what happened??? I've read all the posts and still are'nt 100% sure of the 'BIG Picture'



Oz is right,

When you send an e-mail to the webmaster you are sending it to their IT administrator. It may or may not be forwarded to anyone of importance. What we need to have is the CEO's e-mail address. Maybe Brian can get it when he's slamming a bunch of dripping camelbacks on his desk.......... :)


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