Best dual-sport mirror?

I'm looking for a dual-sport mirror. I would like something that is small and will easily fold down out of the way. Tell me what you have used and your likes/dislikes.

I have the Acerbis (How does one pronounce that, anyways? :) ) and they fold down nicely, and they are pretty durable, but they are functionally crap. Cannot see a thing from vibrations, or because my arm is in the way. I have looked for other options, but have not seen many.

One thing that I recently saw, that piqued my interest was the "strap-on" mirrors that are available in the snowmobile market. That have a 3/4 inch hook and latch (Velcro) strap that snowmobiliers strap to the backs of thier hands. In this application, the rider had it strapped to his bar near the rear brake reseviour , and it looked as though he could see underneath his right arm. Plus, the mirror was concave (or was it convex?) so it showed a very wide angle.

I did not ride with it, but I am thinking about it.

(What? Rear brake res on the bars? Thanks for not busting me in the chops, whoever did catch that!)

Yep, the Acerbis mirror is functionally useless, but it does satisfy the legal requirement to have a mirror.

I actually wanted a mirror that works and eventually chose the dual star fold away mirror. So far, it has worked very well. It is also low and out of harm's way which is a good thing when riding in the trees. Check it out.

ahhh-chair-bees :)

Try Electrex. High quality dual sport stuff. NB

Ken-Sean folding mirror. Works good as stock, folds out of way, adjustable height, works great. I never take it off just fold it down on gnarly trails, never think about it. :)

I like the Ken-Sean mirror but noticed it doesn't come with the handlebar mount. Did you get yours at Baja Design's?

Back in the 80's I remember a mirror you could get that sat

flush against the handle bar . It was a little rectangle about 2.5 inches by 4 inches. When you looked down you were actually seeing under your arm not over. It would never get hung up on brush . Anybody ever see these or know where I can get one?


Thank you, thank you. Just what i'm after, ordered one yesterday.

I bought one @ local MC shop forabout 7.00. Has CIBA stamped on it(assume thats a brand name). Anyway it velcros to left grip and does allow some rearview, if objects are close enough. When pavement ends it goes in fanny pack. Con- if you tip over on that side it is done. At 7.00 a pop it works for me

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