Chain Slap

I have just bought a YZF 426, this bike is awesome. One problem I have found is that the chain tends to hit the rear tyre taking lugs off with it. I replaced the chain with a DID X ring chain but it still does it. Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem. Also the chain rubber on the swing arm is wearing very quickly, but I've heard this is common. The bike jumps very well, and the suspension is set up just right for jumping, but on the track, over small bumps under power, the bike tends to bounce a fair bit causing me to button off. I have not yet played with the suspension. Other than that, this bike rocks.

I rode with a friend today that has a 426 and his chain doesn't hit the tire. Sounds like a set up problem. I'm running a 120 rear tire on my '98 400F and there is plenty of clearance. So I guess I'm saying that it hitting the tire is not "normal". The chain glider on the swingare wearing IS normal :)


Chris in the Mojave

'98 YZ400F

If your chain is hitting the tire and taking off knobs, something is seriously wrong. Check the axle alignment marks to make sure the rear wheel is aligned.

If that checks out, look at another YZF and see if there any differences at the axle.

I'm replying to this because it seems like a dangerous situation (heck, I wouldn't ride it that way)!

Maybe too fat of a tire? Might need to size down...

Hows the offset of the rear wheel? What size tire are you running? Do you have too much chain slack?

This may be a record. The post is 11 years old.

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