'08 yz450 ASV brake lever

Does anybody know what the part number of the proper lever that goes on these bikes, I still have a problem with my front tire locking up as soon as I switch to this lever


The part number is BCPF36-K that is for the F3 series pro pack levers. Have never had a problem with this setup. I would make sure your disc isn't bent or your pins aren't binding up so its not free floating the way it should, and is making to much heat..

Do you have the correct amount of freeplay set?

My 08 450 did the same thing when I broke the factory brake lever and switched it. I tried a few diff. kinds and they all locked up after riding for a minute or so, I bought the sunline unbreakable one and it works perfect!

thanks gray that what I was lookin for they sent me the b13 this time.

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