2001 WR 426 -- OEM Yamaha metal mesh oil filter?

So, my WR 426 is new to me this summer.....I've already done a couple oil changes on it.

I've seen the metal screen oil filters for sale...... also, a friend of mine has a new '07 WR450. The oil filters for his bike are paper filters....

Went to the Dealership last week and bought a Yamaha OEM oil filter for the 426..... it is very obviously a metal screen filter. (only paid normal price $11)

Is this OEM Yamaha filter cleanable & re-usable?

BTW --- The service manual states the down-tube oil strainer to be torqued at 66 ftlbs.... said to myself --- no way in He$$, must be a mis-print. It also says for the smaller drain bolt

on the down-tube to be 17 ftlbs, and the larger transmission drain bolt to be 15 ftlbs....which makes no sense what-so-ever....

Man --- I'm not trusting the service manual right now....

Yes the oem filters are reusable. The torque specs are not correct. If the bike is new to you then you should clean the down tube screen. After that you will not need to clean it again, unless you have some kind of internal engine failure

I've been using the 426 oil filters in my '07 since it was new. Just back flush it with brake clean or contact cleaner and reuse till the rubber seals start to loose their elasticity. :busted: WR Dave.

Very nice...... just what I thought.....

Thankyou very much....sir!

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