What to buy WR250F or WR450F

I have gotten some great responces to my first question and my second would be which bike WR250 or WR450 and what are the major diff other than weight. I am 6'2" and 200# and I see my self as an agressive driver but i was told that the wr250 is more of a bike than the early 90's DR350 ever was. :)

I have a HEAVILY modified KLX-340 and my wr is still a better bike.

hey rude if there's someone that could answer your question the best being that you are coming off a 90's DR350 is me !!! i am coming off of a 97 dr350 with the big bore 435 kit in it.the differences are like night and day. the WR450 is so much better in everyway.It handle's like a dream and the suspension is so much better than the mushy DR suspension. the throttle response with the WR is great unlike the DR where it has a slight delay in power.the WR feels like it's 20 pounds lighter than the DR. the only thing i had to get used to on the WR was the seat height. it's 3 inches taller than the DR.that will be fixed once Kouba comes out with there stuff.if it's power you are looking for than i don't think you will be happy with the 250. that's my take on it,but since you are coming off a DR i thought you might like the info !! if you have any other questions PM me.

Thanks, when i had my 250 DR i always wanted the 350Dr but never got it know things have changed so much i couldnt seem to get any straight answers from the dealers. :)

I think I agree. I recently went to the 03' WR250 from a yz426 and I have been slightly dissapointed in some areas. 250s have to be ridden much harder especially on a track or very fast trails. Coming from a DR is a huge jump to a WR450. I would try to bum a ride from anyone with the 250 and 450. It is a huge difference from the DR. The 250 may be exactly what you want.

I would choose the WR 250.

Get the 450 better to have too much and not use it then to be left lacking. :)

Hey Rude Dog, I would buy a used WR250F. :) They are cheap and great bikes, and if you feel you need more, you won't lose as much money as a new one.

Hey what do ya know .......I just happen to have one for sale. :D

like i said i had a DR350 and i put a big bore 435 kit in it. now if i went to a WR250 i'd be very dissapointed. "IT'S BETTER TO HAVE TOO MUCH POWER THAN NOT ENOUGH" but, is there really sucha thing as too much power ?

Ya I guess your right. I went to a 450F cause I wanted more. But I dont think anyone could be disapointed going from a DR to a WR. Unless you were riding dessert,s or open roads. For trail riding, a DR350 will never handle as good or be as nimble as a WR250F. It really depends what type of riding you are going to do.

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