question about oem parts?

odered all new head and valve componets from a site and the parts numbers they had listed under a 2002 yz426f turned out to match the 2002 yz250f and not my yz426f. ordered about 1000 dollars worth of parts. they are already being shipped now that i have found out they are the wrong parts. the site is at fault i ordered them from for listing the wrong parts numbers for the 426. i called them and told them they were wrong and they finnily decided that i was right and they had the wrong part numbers. do you think they should have to honor the price for the parts i need for the 426 since they falsely listed 250f parts under the yz426f parts? shouldnt they have too legally? im very upset about this, i knew those prices were too good to be true!

:busted::thumbsup::banana: :banana:

they said they would call back on monday. they have to talk to their oem guy. i dont get how somone couldnt have caught that by now. they are proboly going to try to make me give them more money. i think they should honor their price on the web site. isnt it a law if someone list something for sale at a price in a store they have to sell it at that price?????:busted::thumbsup::banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana::D:banghead::smirk::eek:

I am not sure about honoring the price.

But you can't be the only guy who has ever ordered YZ 426 parts from them.

Good luck on getting the right parts.

ive been in stores before and they have labeled a price by the product but then it rung up a differet price and they honored the labeled price.

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