FMF Q series muffler

Hey guys has anyone ever repacked a FMF Q muffler? if you have how did you do it?

I have the PowerCore IV, but I doubt they are much different. All that I did was remove the pipe from the bike, I then took out the four allen-head bolts that are on the end of the cannister closest to the mid-pipe, and that allowed the cannister to be slipped off of the core. All of the packing was wrapped around this core. I then removed the old burnt stuff, re-wrapped with new packing material, slid the cannister back over the freshly wrapped core, inserted the four allen-head bolts, and remounted the pipe.

I think the entire job took about 2.5 beers.

Is your question how to or what to use? Repack is basic as explained above. Don't unscrew/takeoff the cap end work from the header side. As to the packing..........LOOSLEY install some of the MSR silent sport or the FMF pre packed tube stuff. Both work nicely and are pretty good at sound dampening. Good luck.


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