Front Tire - 739FA vs. 756- Glen Helen

I'm looking to replace the front tire on my YZ400F. I've got a race at Glen Helen in two weeks so I'm trying to pick the best tire for there. I'm running a 739F on the front and a one of the new 4 ply 739FA's on the back now. I'm happy with the back but the front has the nasty habit on letting go without warning, partly I'm sure because of wear. I'm wondering if anybody's tried the 739"FA"? It's rumored to be a lot better front tire than the 739"F".

Your thoughts?


Chris in the Mojave

'98 YZ400F

I wasn't very impressed with the 739FA, it too seemed to wash-out a bit, especially at high speeds :0 I replaced it with a 756 and it worked well on rocky, hard single track. Sunday I'll try it out in some sand washes where the 739 gave me the most grief. The guys I ride with use the 755 and say it's also a great front tire, but I got the 756 because it was on sale.


'00 YZ426

'00 XR100

'98 300EX

'95 VFR750

Boy do I HATE the 739 front that came on my 26. It had the absoulutely WORST characteristic a tire could have - inconsistency. Sometimes it would hook up, and sometimes it would wash out. You could never tell.

I changed mine out with the 755 which I pretty much use as my defacto standard front tire.

The 739(G or whatever that new mod is) on the rear seems ok, but I will probably change it to the 752 real soon.

Thanks for the info guys!

Looks like I'll pass on the 739FA and go with the 756. :)


Chris in the Mojave

'98 YZ400F

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