wr400 jetting

I have recently purchased a 2000 wr 400 and have ridden it on the beach in oregon with no problem then i went to about 5k elevation last weekend and the bike ran really rich. I searched through the archives and found some stuff but i was wondering if it being 20 to 30 degrees would make a huge difference in the jetting the mj was at 165 and i tried a 160 and a 155 with no luck. the paj was at 75 as well and the fuel screw was at 1 1/4 turns. Im a newbie and did not know anything about this until i came home and read a bunch of posts last night. Does anyone have a good setup for the beach and the desert. I talked to a guy this weekend where i was riding and he said that he never changes anything from riding at the beach to the high desert. Thanks Ken :)

Own the same ride, I'm at 4000ft. and am using a 162 main and the rest stock. YZ exhaust. I have no problems with plugs or power. Do your homework and give the carb. a good clean up including the accel. pump assy. and use a good high grade pump gas. I did back off one size on the rear tooth to gain more top end and gas mileage running in the Nv. deserts. Have no problem dusting a 1987 CR 500 at will.

Clean the air filter often, the motor loves alot of air.

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