I'm a dip

OK I did it to myself! :D When I changed the oil last week, I must not have tightened the dip stick. :) I raced two moto's Sunday, and washed the bike tonight. Could not figure out why all this oil was doing all over the left side of my bike. :D Then I notice the dip stick was gone! S&*T. :D Best I can figure, it must have fallen out during the last moto, because the bike did not blow up. :D :D Does anyone know the part number for the dip stick?


Dip S&*T Rod.! :D

check out partsfish.com they dont have a part # but it says genuine yamaha parts. $7.63

kevin :)

I must be doing something wrong, I can't find a WR450 there.

Here is a story to make you feel better.A month ago i was in a hurry and changing the oil on the 4fitty.Went through the whole routine grapped the oil started pouring.Looked down and the oil was blue!!!I was pouring 2 smoke oil in the bike. :D I flushed out the bike and redid the routine and started filling again and again the oil was blue. :D I grabbed the wrong bottle again and had to flush and change again. :)

I haven't seen any of the partfiche sites that have 03 numbers.PM Heckler he has a cd with the numbers for the YZ they are the same. :D

LOL @ Blue Ummm I think its time to throw the 2 stroke oil away.


I moved it very far away from the regular oil.I was going to get rid of it but i may be getting 2 more 2smokes. a 97 cr250 and a 95 yz250 1800 for both. :busted:A redlight special :)

Go to the White Brothers site and order a thermometer style dipstick for an XR 400 it is a direct fit for the WR 426. I just remarked the oil level marks and set the face of the thermometer and rode. The added benefit is that you can now see the oil temp(may be scary to some). MY $.02 ----- WR Dave. :) Sorry, WR 450 has a different stick,my bad.

the yamaha web site has a parts guid on line pic"s and part numbers on line :)

Now I know why they call you the Blue One. Everything you touch turns blue :D. Just be careful you don't get blueballs :D :D!

Smoke :)

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