Crf230F blue smoke, help with cheapest fix?

Ok so I sunk my brothers crf230 in a mudhole a couple months ago and now it has started to put out a blue smoke at all times. The higher the rev, the bluer and more smoke it throws from the pipe. I'm assuming its the piston rings but i'm sure the piston and cylinder are screwed as well so I was wondering what the cheapest fix would be? Any ideas would greatly help. I looked at the bbr big bore kit but have to see locally what a bore honing will cost me. Thanks for any help.

Well after searching the forums for a couple days and google it looks like an aftermarket big bore piston is just about as cheap as a honda replacement so the only real increase in cost would be for a local machine shop to hone my cylinder bigger. Anyone know the average cost of getting that done?

I think that it's about 100$ or more. What other mods do you have on it?

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