Trans install Question

Last night i installed my trans into my new case for my yz 426 but wanted some info before sealing them. In the manual it says that the trans and shift cam should move freely. My transmission moves fine and same with the shift cam except for going into 5th gear. It goes into 5th but takes some persuasion. I was thinking that this may be because I have the case laying on its side instead of horizontal which puts more weight and requires more force for the fork to lift the gears. Am I worrying for nothing? Should I seal it up? Thanks a lot

It's always more difficult to operate the trans when it's only in one case. Remember that the main shaft is laterally positioned by the bearing in the right case, and the counter/output shaft is positioned laterally by the bearing on the left, so if the shafts sit in either case alone, one of them is out of place by a couple of millimeters. Also, the shift fork shafts are not well supported by just the one case. Complete proof of the matter can be had by leaving the crank out and assembling the trans into the closed crankcases without sealing them, but that's really more work than is called for. Just be sure you have everything in place, and it will work.

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