Goggle Quick Strap

Does anyone here use the "Quick Strap" on thier goggles? You know the ones I mean - they velcro one side of the goggles to your lid - the other side stays attached, I think Roko Sports makes them. I'm asking because we're going snowmobiling in the mountains this Easter, and I have been told that they are pretty much mandatory equipment out there. I guess the idea is if you bust through a drift or cornice and fill your face with snow, you can pull them off quickly, still see and stay on the horsepower so you don't get stuck. In that situation I can see the benefit, but how do they work off-road? I really don't want to waste the 20 bucks on them, hack the strap off of my favourite Scotts, and stick a bunch of crap to the side of my helmet just for one week-end.(besides it might be tough talking my better half into sewing the original strap back on :) ) If they work good for bike use too, then no problem. Anyone have an opinion on these things?

Peace Eh - P.Z.

I use one and like it.

I've been using them for a couple years. I really like it, especially in the summer when it's hot. Can easily pull goggles off when I stop to let my girlfriend catch up. :)

BTW, don't have to cut or sew. Just take the old strap off and put the new ones on. I'd take a pic, but I'm at work.

Ive got a set of quick straps on every pair of goggles I own. (3)

I wouldnt ride with out it.

The only downside I have found with them is after a while of taking them on and off you have to replace the "hook" side of the velcro. It seems like after repeated use the hook and loop velcro dosent hold as well as when its was first used.

But its not a problem, you can go to Radio Shack and get the velcro for next to nothing.

interesting idea, ive never seen a quick strap, how does it attach to your helmet? (on the permanent side??)

the velcro side is pretty self explainitory, but isnt there a concern with sticking stuff to your helmet?

is there a website?

BTW, don't have to cut or sew. Just take the old strap off and put the new ones on.

John_H - I'm not so sure about that. On my Scott "High Voltage" goggles, I can't see any way of getting the strap off without pulling stitching. Maybe I'm wrong, anyone know for sure before I get the scissors?

Thanks to all for the quick response!

Peace Eh - P.Z.

The Roko quick straps are definatly worth the money. I have a pair of Smith Violator goggles and a pair of Scott High Voltage goggles with roll offs and use the quick straps on both. You do have to cut the stitching on the Scott strap, but that's no big deal. The quick straps are great for when you are getting a workout in the tight, rocky, technical stuff when your goggles fog up and you need some extra ventilation. You can also get replacement velcro kits through Roko. :)

Whoops, I might be wrong about those goggles. :) I have the No Sweat 3's and they didn't require any cutting.

Once you try them you'll never want to be without, trust me. They are worth every penny. :)



first time you take your goggles off in the tight stuff you'll be wishing you had them. Riding around with them dangling from your wrist sucks. If you set them up right you can pull them off and then fasten the goggle behind your helmet. Quick straps rule :)

Here's another vote for them - brilliant in the hot.

I could just take the original strap off my ProGrips - no cutting or mucking around.

Hi Guys,

I just put a set of Scott Quickstraps on my helmet a couple of weeks ago and can't recommend them enough! Especially for those of us that wear glasses and deal with fogging issues. The best thing about them is that after you start your bike, you just reach over with your left hand and grab the strap, pull the goggles into place and velcro the strap onto the left side of your helmet. All while having your right hand on the throttle so your engine does'nt die :) A couple of my riding buddies have had them for the past year and why I didn't spend the $17.00 sooner, I'll never know. Took about 10-15 minutes to put on. Just do it!


Best thing to come along since the quick-release helmet strap buckles! After 4 years of using them for both me and the boys, I think I may be the only Dad around here who's kid hasn't been siiting at the starting gate while Dad makes a mad run for the forgotten goggles... :)

As for replacing the velcro or transfering them to another helmet, you are much better off going to the fabric or hardware store and buying the adhesive-backed industrial duty velcro. It is even stronger than what Roco uses, and get some car molding repair tape (3M)at any auto parts store for re-attaching the button.

I would not even consider being without our Quick-Straps!! :D

Well, there's always one dissenting vote: I don't like 'em. Used 'em for 4 years,

so yes, I tried them. My problem was that when you get into the whippy head-whacking

tight stuff, they'd pull off. Not much of a problem if you don't race. For trail

riding, I think they're probably fine. Having to lose precious seconds re-attaching

my goggle 2-3 times per test turned me off on them.



I've been using the quick strap for about 3 years and I think it's the neatest thing since sliced bread. I saw them on a buddys helmet and went and got my own.. I've had the same goggles on two different helmets.. great invention.

Jim :)

I have two sets of goggles with the quick-strap system, and two without. The Quick-Strap system is great for trail riding, and snowmobiling. On and off with one hand. But, I do find two down-sides to using this system.

#1. When you are riding with the goggles off, they slap around, occasionally get caught on a chest-protector, and because they flop around, it can scratch up your lenes fairly fast;

#2. If racing, you cannot switch these goggles out nearly as quickly as you can with the regular strap kind, so you are stuck wearing one set.

I like them, use them, just not for racing.

I'm with Merf on this one. Seems like all the guys I ride with tried em about 6-7 years ago - once you get into the really tight stuff they're a pain. No one uses them anymore in our social club. :)

For trail

riding, I think they're probably fine. Having to lose precious seconds re-attaching

my goggle 2-3 times per test turned me off on them.

Theres a simple fix for this problem.

You just have to replace the velcro because its worn out. Put some new velcro on and you will see how much better it will hold.

You just dont notice because it the velcro fades over useage.

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