Goggle Quick Strap

Hey Brandon

If you set up your mounting points right( Have your straps adjusted as long they can go). The mounting points will be around the center or slightly back of center from the front of the helmet. This will allow you to fasten the goggle behing your head when you are not using them. No more goggle flopping to the side when your riding :)

> Theres a simple fix for this problem.

> You just have to replace the velcro because its worn out. Put some new velcro on and you will see how much better it will hold.

I did. They didn't, so I sent with the even simpler fix. I use plain goggles. :)

I hardly ever ride without goggles anyway so it's not really a problem.


I have been using them for 4 years with great comfort. They never have fallen off, and they are easy to put on and take off. The glue is pretty much permenant so be sure they are where you want them when you put them on. And clean the helmet with alchol first. You also do not need to cut the straps off of your old goggles, slide the straps in and remove the plastic clips holing it on. The "Quick Strap" will reattach the same way. Once you try them you will never go back to the old way. :)


Wesley (Pittsburgh)

yah they are great!i dont wear them but i do enjoy them!

when you come up on a goon or lapper that wearing them reach up and pull them off as you come up on them.then when they reach up to reattach them,hit their kill button.when they go to slap your hand off stomp their bike down a gear.its a well learned lesson for them not to hold up a faster rider.

you guys keep wearing them!i have fun with it! :)

Isn't it just as easy to slip off someone's regular goggle straps..? :)

No, as you go by, its a shorter reach for the quick strap- to pull the whole goggle strap you have to hold on and lift up...too much hassle when you're blasting by a spode and trying to hold the better line.

Burned..dude, I thought I was the only one to do that! Good to see another rider with the style and grace of the true full-on competitor. :D However, I have found that rather than kicking the shifter down, a quick fantail under their front wheel is also an effective technique and your feet don't have to leave the pegs and you can stay on the gas cause you don't have to pass on the left and grab with your right hand. :)

Say, other the quick strap, how many ways can you spot a racing spode? Tool pack on the fender? Boots (or tennis shoes) always clean? ArmourAll on the tires?

( :awww:Just kidding, guys)

of course burned was just kidding :D

Isn't it just as easy to slip off someone's regular goggle straps..?

Everyone knows a DRZ never passes a blue bike. :D

My solution is to leave a Playboy around the pits to, hopefully, distract the better riders :)

Here's another vote in favor of the Quick Strap!

Isn't it just as easy to slip off someone's regular goggle straps..?

yes,but that handy little tab is provided for your conveinence on the quick straps! :)

Everyone knows a DRZ never passes a blue bike

no problem if they dont get off the starting line.better keep your kill switch covered if your ever on line the next to me!i would hate for my hand to go over and shut your bike off for you with the board side ways.but it will start right back up right? :)

With the '03 YZ cam, it will!


Here's another vote against them. I like their convenience and used them for a couple of years, but when I'd get into the tight stuff, I found them too easily knocked off by close branches. Trying to re-attach them while maintaining speed is a real pain. New velcro may help but I got sick of worrying about it. I went back to regular straps and have been much happier since.

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