Just Got Mine

I just bought an 01 YZ 426. My other bike is an 01 XR 400. Holy $hi! I had no idea what I was getting myself into. This bike is so fast and has so much low end its ridiculous. The rear sprocket on this bike looks huge. I'm wondering if the previous ownwer felt like he actaully needed more bottom end. What size sprockets do you guys run on your 426's?

Stock gearing is 14/49.

I ran 13/52 on my 00 426 for woods riding and really liked it. It would go anywhere you wanted it to. I never even bothered with a flywheel weight, with the low gearing it wasn't necessary.

I ride a 14/49 on both of mine..... I would if I were you. Im not sure how well you ride but if you think that bike is quick now, put a 52 on the back and you may find yourself on your back lol. These 426s have a lot of power and if you are new to the power, just take your time and use a 49 tooth on the rear.It should help keep you upright! I am a pretty good rider and do a lot of all types of riding. I decided to stick with the 49er.

Hope this helps!


Just installed a 13 front with the back left on stock, and maaaan did I loose speed :busted: Wanted to overtake an ***** driver on the street, while going to the gas station, I've almost failed, had to shift so quickly. I'll found myself riding one gear up almost every place in the woods and on the track now, but don't like that one straights I outrun my 5th gear.... Of course now I don't need to use the clutch so much in the tight/technical stuff, so it's a step forward for enduro use.

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